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Meet the Gang at Doodle and Co

Hi Everyone

We want to introduce ourselves to all of you and let you in on our day to day operations here at Doodle and Co. Amy is the creative mind and master stitcher behind the operation. She runs the sewing studio like a well oiled  machine. 

Here is a view of the studio when it isn't so well oiled - almost every day

She is also mama to baby Claire who loves to work at Doodle and Co. Her specialty is rearranging the inventory bins and placing size 5 shirts in the 12 month bin. It has created some excitement.

Claire is also our number one model.

Parker is big brother. He is our errand runner, organizer, secretary, and # 1 baseball player


Leo is fun wild man - He is up for anything and pretty much can care for himself at all times

Evelyn, also known as meme is the Etsy and website manager, babysitter, laundress, and personal chef. She often answers your questions and loves to give her two cents on any subject - 

Big Daddy Mike is a big help. He helps with late night shipping and organizing inventory, but his specialty is pinning the location of orders on our USA map. He also has a real day job.

That's your introduction to the gang. We hope that you will love reading about our creative production process, seeing new designs, trying some of our favorite recipes, and getting to know us better.



  • That is a great post. You have a wonderful family. I just want to eat Clair up

  • Looks like you have got it together and have lots of help!

  • Wow your office has really grown since I was last there!

    Valarie Stevens
  • Love your fun facts…And, all of you!

    Jene Morris
  • Love your fun facts!

    Jene Morris

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